AR Maintenance & Assistance System

"Our challenge is to develop augmented reality applications to support the technologies used in the industrial sector by creating the connection between digital data and workers"

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    Augmented reality

    Digital content (video, PDF, images, etc.) can be shared with a specific marker / bar code.

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    Safety data

    The documents are stored in cloud where the data are encrypted and protected by SSL technology.

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    Scan and Help

    The scanning of the Maintenance zone allows the operators to get more information to complete tasks through guided checklists or remote support.

Sinergy Tecnology


Where operators need to carry out complex and multiple operations, SYNERGY is able to provide, in real time and remotely, intuitive digital content to facilitate the execution of activities.

SYNERGY is a technology that can turn any device like smartphone or tablet into a augmented reality platform with the aim of assist remotely operators dedicated to the maintenance of facilities , technical systems and subsystems.

Simplify and speed

SINERGY allows experts to remotely transfer information to operators, giving them the ability to easily understand the processes, speed up tasks and reduce errors.


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    Live Streaming

    Real-time audio and video sharing.

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    Superimposed information

    Application of 3D CAD elements and guided checklist on working area.

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    Media Sharing

    Tutorials, Drawings, Images and Texts

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    Objective-C, Java e C#



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